The 5 Reasons Why You’re Struggling To Get Business From Instagram

Currently, you’re here because:

A- You know you need an Instagram account


B- You’re already on Instagram but you’re struggling to turn your audience into paying clients

There’s 5 main reasons why most businesses get stuck on Instagram and I’ll show you how you can move passed them so you can focus on serving your paying clients:

1. You’re attracting spam and the wrong people without knowing it

2. The Tactics you’re using are repelling potential clients 

3. You’re not seeing engagement on your posts and you give up

4. It’s not about your number of followers

5. You’re getting ready to leave the platform from the lack of results

These don’t need to be a problem any longer… but its important to know WHY these are happening in the first place. 

1- Why you’re attracting spam or the wrong audience…

Its most often the case that you’re going too fast. One way is by using really popular Instagram hashtags… Because people want results quickly and because they see their competitors grow so quickly, They believe Instagram is effortless this way.

However, if we look closely at successful pages, they are doing things consistently, on purpose and they can predict how they grow. This becomes a long-term strategy when done right. And you can achieve this too, just by slowing down (See the tip at the end of this post for a long-term hashtag strategy)

What’s one small thing you can you do consistently that will impact your presence in 30-60 days?

2- Why you’re repelling clients and not seeing sales…

This one is not always obvious.

And its a shocker when i tell clients about this. Because business-owners are so into their product or service, its not obvious for them. They repel their clients because get too involved in the platform and don’t see how Instagram fits into their business in the first place.

Where are you headed by showing up on Instagram? Whats your goal with it? 

Get clear with this, or else you’ll get sucked into that black hole of social media…

3- Why you’re not seeing engagement on your posts…

Its most probably because you don’t know who you’re speaking to. Once you know, your engagement shoots up.

You need to know what makes them tick, What they like to talk about, what they are into, what do they want, what do they need…

4- Why your focus should not be on your number of followers

Although a big follower count can represent how much of an authority you are, this does not equal the revenue for you business.

The highest value of a page on Instagram is the amount of engagement it has. When comparing two accounts with 5,000 followers, which do you think is more valuable: one with 500 active users or the one with 25 active users.

Chances are, you’ll get more sales from the 500 actively users, compared to the 25. Right? 🙂 

5- Why you’re not seeing any progress or difference in you results

This is because a combination of things: you’re either, doing the same things, you’re ignoring your mistakes, you’re not aware that you’re doing anything wrong or… you’re doing TOO much.

In other words, you’re going tactic after tactic without a real strategy in place that YOU trust. You CAN find one where its catered to your business, and there’s a structure to it as well.

So, what should you do to keep you on unstuck? 

  1. Reduce the amount of hashtags in your posts. Aim smaller. Choose ones less than 100,000 posts.
  2. Stop promoting a sale every day. Reduce that to once a week for now.
  3. Add more value to your client’s lives by bringing up something they care about.
  4. Be a friend and start a conversation with your current followers. Think how you can impact ONE person.
  5. Do this consistently with a system by following the Core 7 Approach

The Core 7 Approach consists of consistently doing the following:

  1. What can you offer your current followers that can help them?
  2. Who are your fans looking up to in the rest of your market?
  3. Is your profile optimized to appear in front of the right audience?
  4. What can else you do to be in front of your audience more often?
  5. How are you reaching your market?
  6. What are you doing to close your potential clients?
  7. Are you showing the experience and results you give?

Following the Core 7 approach can help you smash through your 2017 goals. 

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