Why It’s Crucial to Use Instagram as a Search Tool

Whether you’re starting your first Instagram page, or your 10th…

After reading this, you will discover that researching with Instagram is powerful and easy. And you get to know how pros find new opportunities for their businesses to grow quickly

Did you know you can find active hidden communities in your market on Instagram?
Find out the hidden desires of your audience?
Find out what they engage with?
Who they look up to?
How they interact the most?
All for free on Instagram?

This information is gold for your business

If you don’t use Instagram as a research tool already, you are missing out on free access to other brands successes

You’ll end up trying to re-invent the wheel and fight an uphill battle. Spending time, energy and money to get your page off the ground, with tricks you see others doing without knowing why or how they actually work.

Imagine you find what your market is already engaging with. How would that benefit your business?

By using Instagram as a tool to search your market, you can discover tricks and strategies daily. You can know:

  • Which content is working best in your niche
  • See who is partnering with who – to get a better feel of the market
  • What similarities you can apply from other markets to your business right away
  • And on top of that, you can discover new pages your business can partner with. Which leads to cutting the time to reach most business objectives in half!

Why wouldn’t you use Instagram as a research tool by now?

As of 2016, there’s 500,000,000 monthly active users on it.

I see a lot of people skipping this research step and its crucial that you go through this to see the data for yourself.

Its one of the first steps I go through with every project I am involved in.

Instagram is even trying to help you make the research easier. They recently added a desktop interface so you can research right from your desktop (thanks Insta).

So now, you have 3 options:
1- research on your own (which I suggest you get my free PDF guide)
2- ask for my help and guidance (during a free 1-1 Master Plan Session)
3- I’ll do the searching for you (discussed after a 1-1 Master Plan Session

No matter which you choose, you risk nothing.

If you don’t know exactly how to proceed, you should start with the free PDF guide. So you become aware of what to expect with Instagram. I also include the 7 core steps for your Instagram success.

If you don’t have time to go through the search yourself, book a free master planning session with me.

Download the PDF below to get the 7 Core Steps to adding Instagram as part of your business strategy.

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