Which do you prefer: Black hole or Gravity Assist?

Would you rather:

A) escape from a black hole?


B) zip by a planet with a gravity assist?


Now im going to talk about this in terms of Instagram.

For some people, i wouldn’t advise growth in your followers (just yet)

Instead, I’d focus on bringing engagement up.


that is way more important than numbers of followers.

Let me explain:

If your engagement is not up to par for at least your first 10k,

then your high follower count will decrease engagement further and further….

And the more you grow past that with less engagement

You are left in an (almost) INESCAPABLE black hole

I’ve seen it way too many times.

Then I get asked to come and clean up the mess.



Engagement will win over your number of followers.

Any. Day. Of. The. Year.

As for the Gravity Assist you’ve been looking for?

Its exactly that: Engagement.

Growth will come with your engagement while you post regularly with hashtags

Trust the Gravity of Engagement, and you’ll pull in warmer leads than just a cold follower who will never read your captions…

Don’t go for growth without considering engagement first.

Trust me on this one.


PS: If your hashtags aren’t sorted yet,

Consider this.