Whats the point of Instagram as a business owner? – Part 1

So you might be thinking..

What’s the point of Instagram if I’m completely new to it as a business owner and what will it take to be worth it for me?

There’s 3 focuses for using Instagram for your business:

1- Getting More Sales (return on investment)

2- Social Proof (to look cool, build an ego or position yourself with more followers, likes, comments + sponsors)

3- Building YOUR OWN List (Instagram CAN disappear tomorrow.. what will you do with all those lost followers then?)

And I’ll elaborate on each so you know what to expect..
Let’s begin with the first: getting More Sales..
How much money you’ll get out of Instagram is relative to:

1- How well you present your offer in your posts

✅ Making it clear what’s included – don’t leave it for someone to guess
✅ Say who its for – it might not be for vegans…
✅ What main benefit or end result your client will get out of it
✅ It doesn’t need to be a paid offer at first. It can be a free thing to show some value at first. Show the free thing. And then, attach your paid offer afterwards that compliments it or extends it.

2- How easy is it to buy it and get it

✅ Does your client have to email u to get it?
✅ Do they have to click a link?
✅ Do they book a consultation?
✅ Do they DM you their credit card number? (don’t do that haha)
✅ Make it as simple and clear as possible how to get it.

Note: If you add layers to qualify people beforehand say who its NOT for too.

3- The quality of traffic that is coming through your account

Now that you have your posts and offers ready.. let’s send seem eyeballs on them.
You wouldn’t sell hotdogs in the desert.. would you?
You try and get yourself in front of a hungry crowd.. as Gary Halbert would say.

Now, its easy to get likes to your posts with hashtags..
But, it can become challenging spam.

🌟PRO-tip that IG marketers DONT want you to know:
DONT use the giant hashtags. Spam bots LOVE big hashtags.

To Attract REAL people…
✅ Use smaller hashtags.
✅ And locate accounts that look like they have ACTUAL people engaging with them.
✅ Then reach out to those page owners for a shout or individuals one by one.

That will increase your chances of speaking with REAL people on insta.

4- How often you post

this adds to your trust factor that you are reliable (and not just put an offer out and run with people’s money lol)
Showing up daily demonstrates that you know your stuff

Did you know?
You can’t expect hundreds of sales from just one post..

An accumulation of posts is more credible and builds anticipation for what you’ll post next.

A small group of people who follow you and engage with u consistently will help before you tell people about your offer.

As you’re doing this, you are staying top of mind:

Like when I almost bought a coconutbowl from instagram cuz i kept on seeing their photos with food in them. Clients took pics as they received them throughh their door.. and as they are about to eat with them…

Just because i saw them more often.. I wanted it more. (I’m gonna buy them eventually though lol)

5- WHAT you post

Are you thinking you’ll just share some quotes and be done with insta?
There’s a bit more to it than that.
There’s thousands of quote accounts out there.. but the ones that do well, go deeper on the quotes and give some insight on how its related to their core message / brand.

So, what if instead or just quotes, you shared useful tips away for free.
Something people can use.
Something that starts changing the way they see your market or your business..
Maybe a taste of what you share in your paid products, or trainings.

That will pay for itself in the long run when people trust you more.

6- How often you interact with your followers to make them happy or feel supported.

As you post insightful posts regularly (like i said before).. you’ll likely get some comments and questions and DM’s.

(unless you’re hot and get DM’s on the daily anyway..)

Remember to get back to them.
Those people might just need an extra push to get through a roadblock.

So reply to them, and give them some feedback if they need it

Because you never know when one of them might become a client or refer you to their BFF

7- And finally, what will it take to make it worth for you?

This depends.
But first, determine what is ONE new client worth to you in their lifetime..

Lets say you know that one new client who signs up for 3 months..
actually stays for 7 months and pays you 200$/month. so thats 1,400$ to you.

What if you sold 2 of those per month.. Would you say its worth it? Thats a potential of 2,800$ down the line.

I’ll let you decide on that one.
It will take some time to learn the platform, to put your stuff out there, and get going.

If you are ready to start taking instagram strategically, apply to get on a call with me to start layout out a plan for you.

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In the next part I’ll talk about Social Proof with Instagram