What to expect when you grow to 10k followers on IG with shortcuts:

– Get a letter “k” after your follower count (cool bro)

– Swipe up feature unlocked (awesome, most people want this. And now, people can go to your lead magnet and to your offers quicker = easier leads, yas)

– lower engagement than you had when you were at 5k followers (i say this because when u stop mid-way to your 10k, and you resume back up again, it will be difficult to pick it back up from staying idle and not continuing what got you to 5k in the first place.)

– people know you followed/unfollowed (although you grow rapidly, you are relying on people repaying a favour. I dont htink this tactic will go away as people can always follow and unfollow despite changes to instagram. However, when done aggressively for the sole purpose of growing followers, people like me/others, will know you’ve taken a shortcut. And your followers tend to be less valuable over the long run of doing it for the sake of rapid growth)

– Regret (most of the people i chat with who have used aggressive growth tactics, then stopped, they regret doing this because they are not getting the same engagement theyd get as they were starting.. )

– Your next goal is 20k 😀 (onto the next goal until you realize you werent focusing on increasing engagement and on good content at the same time)


If getting leads from instagram is your main goal, build it with good content first.

Then the right people will follow over time.

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