Turbo Audit

To identify the potential growth areas of your Instagram account

Instagram might be too overwhelming and perhaps you’re unsure what to focus on next…

I’ve been there… It’s chaos and it seems like throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks is not really the solution anymore…

Having been in the Instagram marketing space since 2014, I’ve grown to identify problems and hidden potentials for growth for entrepreneurs.

Now, here’s your chance to get a taste of my expertise. I’m offering a fast turnaround TURBO AUDIT service for only $49 USD to give you a short 7-15 min video in order to highlight these problems & potential growth areas for you.

Some of my advice sparked individuals to grow in terms of followers which became long-term potential clients: from 800 to 10k in 2 years for a weightlifting coach, from 159 to 7k in several months for a personal trainer, and even 100 local targeted followers overnight for a local business who had less than 1,000 followers.

My advice has also helped close direct sales too: around £15,000 in fitness bootcamp sales within 60 days starting from scratch (zero followers), and even fill 20+ people in a fitness challenge in a week (if that’s your thing) with an account no larger than 800 followers.

If you want the quickest way to identify your potential growth areas on Instagram or identify which problems to focus on next… Then this is the service for you.

I am limiting my TURBO AUDITS to 5 people per week as a test to see how quickly I can deliver them since I can only dedicate one day per week (Tuesdays) to Instagram services while I continue to build my dumpling business in Montreal.

If all you got from this service is a strong direction on what to focus on, and it got you just 1 extra sale this week (you’ll likely feel the true effects in the coming weeks of you implementing the changes), would that be enough for you to see Instagram’s true potential for you in the long term?

Something to think about.