Sharing Fitness Client Transformations

Do they bring you leads on insta?? If not, why??

I want you to get more leads from insta while its still hot 
(before Facebook impacts personal data from insta…..)

Sharing Transformation pics can impact the number of people to reach out to you..(aka leads) I know this for a fact as its one of the reasons why I reached out to Tyson Brown to work with him when he shared one in particular a few months ago lol

I also know its been used in the industry to build up empires such as Kayla Itsines and her BBG (Bikini Body Guide)… So if you dont have many Transformation pics in your Content plan.

Its time to start.

Add them into your content plan asap.


PS: My 1-1 clients and Academy members just received a framework to create them effectively. I cant wait for them to crush it even further this year.