Here’s the collection of tools, services and products that I’ve used in my business to help me move forward.

If you decide to use them, thats great. If not, no worries, there will be an option for you. You will find that some of these links are affiliate links – where IF you decide to work with them, I get a small fee from them in return for recommending them. I only recommend the products I believe in and have tried out myself. So in exchange of helping you out and shortening the time spent on research, I think it’s fair to do so.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

Photo Editing tools

Free & paid options are great. Loads of templates to choose from and essential for creating infographics on Instagram. (you don’t need Photoshop to get started)

Paid, offers 1.5 million royalty free images along with royalty free icons as well. Less clutter than Canva.

Scheduling Tools

Free 30 posts/month scheduling tool for instagram. Instagram’s partner. Allows for direct publishing. Also paid tool for analytics and extra features. Very visual and great mobile app.

Free 30 posts/month scheduling tool for instagram as well. Very efficient in terms of saving your hashtags and keeps the paragraphing format when posting (no need for dots in between paragraph). Solid service with IG Story planning features, videos, analytics & comment inbox in their paid versions.

For booking your 1-1 calls with clients. Simple and easy to use

For booking your calls with clients. Great tool to manage your schedule. Payment features and various options for embedding your calendar on webpages and follow ups.


Marketing & Business Courses

Gram Slam Course by Alex Beadon
A solid framework for using Instagram Stories with your business. More towards the creative side and extremely useful if you have no idea where to start and what the possibilities of using IG Stories. I trust Alex’s process and she’s very helpful with her clients. Check her out.