Losing followers every time you post on Instagram?

Is this you? Trying to re-fall in love with instagram, but the only prob is the more you post, the more you lose followers? So you stop? (someone asked me earlier today)

You know the platform is the shizzle for your audience.. And you are open to learn and adapt

What would I recommend for you in this case? (apart from joining my academy?)

First, I ask whats the size of your account. And how often are you posting at the moment.

When youre losing followers, its often a good sign, because they are not your tribe anyway.

Should you focus more on hashtags?!?

No. Not at first. Instagram really likes the fact that you show up regularly.

Giving fresh and consistent content is the first step. Get this going first.

Sometimes it might take 1-2-3 weeks of being consistent to see some big changes come to your account to revive it.

So patience will help you greatly – KEep the big picture in mind.

Then you can hone in on the hashtags more in depth. Use hashtags in your posts to get exposure. However, rely more on the consistency at first.

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