Interview Resources

Podcast Interviews:

1- The Powerful Positioning Project by Tim Tavender
Episode 07

2- The Man Club Podcast by Duke Sayer 
Episode 07

3- Awaken Your Alpha – Action, Mastery, Legacy. by Adam Lewis Walker
Episode #238 – Instagram Growth in 7 Steps

4- Adil Amarsi Unplugged by Adil Amarsi

  • Biggest Instagram mistakes you should avoid
  • The best photo caption he ever come up with
  • When is it smart to set your Instagram account private?
  • Instagram tools Leon recommends for business owners
  • and much more..

5- The Business Hackers Podcast with David De Souza

 The common mistakes that are being committed by Instagram users
 How to use emojis correctly and the importance in using emojis
 Some of the main ways on how Instagram can be of help for businesses
 How to perform hashtag analysis
 My recommended tools or tips when creating photos
 The right and wrong way to use Instagram automation

6- The OnlineSuper Coach Podcast with AJ Mihrzad

How to turn Your Instagram Into a Lead Generating Machine for fitness professionals. (a LIVE workshop walking you through how to start your instagram account from scratch and various other tips)

7- Bootcamp Blueprint: How Personal Trainers Can Grow Their Bootcamp! – with Jono Petrohilos

A live case study on the process to update your IG profile to getting paying clients through Instagram – with one of the funniest dudes that interviewed me. Jono is a great guy hah


Live Interviews:

1- Empowering Questions and Answers by Mercy Kay
Part 1

Part 2

2- Live Questions With Bobby Taslimi