"My goal is to make whichever of my services you invest in pay for itself... Ultimately turning it FREE"...

Which of these options for IG services with Leon are best for you to take your Instagram beyond the next steps?

1) PROFILE Diagnostic

Overall, the purpose of this service is to get the direction of your content sorted, so that you'll convert more of your existing audience on Instagram.

Deep dive through your business and Instagram to find what works, why it works, what doesn't work and how you can fix it.

Get the most value possible - even if you don't work with Leon moving forward.

A great way to at least get your pages audited and understood exactly how you can start running your Instagram more profitably and see growth in as short as 7 days after you receive your report, and can help in the lifetime growth of your account.

Sometimes all you need is an deep dive report like this and you run with it to have exponential results. (One recent client grew by over 253 followers 3 days after her Audit due to taking action on the advice.)

2) Hashtag Domination

Overall, this is an advanced strategy for being efficient with hashtags. Doing this will bring in the right people over the next few years. Thus, you will sell more just by posting more.

I do this research so that you hit various aspects of your crowd depending on your topic, content, market all in your hashtags. As opposed to using the same set of hashtags over and over (which hurt you since the last IG update), or spending hours looking for the perfect hashtags for only 1 post, then repeating for every other post.

These hashtags are going to be essential for your organic exposure for your posts. This research is good for the LIFETIME of the account. With this list, you have the potential to grow beyond 2,000 likes per post.

You'll get a handpicked list of hashtags for your account to rank in that is sorted in tiers (from 200 to 500 hashtags). The purpose of this strategy is to reach on the top posts on easy hashtags first, then build up to the more difficult ones over time for long term exposure (these will be based on your niche, content, target market).

This package also includes a Hashtag Generator to create unique sets of 10-15-20-25-30 hashtags from your list above in a click of a button. They are ready to be copy-pasted into your post for optimal exposure and impressions for your content as well.

Just generate a new set, and copy the cell that's in the spreadsheet, then paste it in your post, or in your Instagram scheduler (I recommend a few IG scheduling tools as well)

BONUSES for this package include my trainings on how to write your captions, with templates, call to actions, checklists, etc to maximize your posting efforts.

After getting this, you'd be set for healthy growth and exposure just by posting your content. Even if you don’t take on any other services, this would benefit you the most out of organic reach and best bang per buck from my services long-term.

3) Fitpro instagram inner circle (igic)

Want to stay up to date with all things Instagram that are currently working in the fitness industry? Along with Leon's help inside a private community of fitness business owners?

We help you make it easier to get more leads and clients through Instagram. 

Check out our Fitpro Instagram Inner Circle. (Monthly Membership)

4) VIP Check-ins with leon

Need to keep you in check on a 1-on-1 basis? Want to give you on-going tips and tweaks on your posts as they go out live?

Sign up for VIP check-ins with Leon. We will also go on a monthly call together to see how things are going. 

Your Profile Diagnostic is FREE when you sign up to this.

5) Remove Your Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement (currently unavailable)

Due to a drastic growth from non-organic growth methods, you may have grown your accounts TOO fast - which may have caused your engagement to slow down and decrease. 

This usually causes your posts not to be seen by most of your followers right away.. and your comments and likes decreased… your reach and impressions have decreased as well..

The process to bring this back up is: to first give those people a chance to see you again, then, we REMOVE those followers who are NOT actively engaging with your content. 

This method works to bring engagement BACK UP from accounts who have usually grown roughly more than 3k-10k followers. 

Often times, after going through this process, we maintain or increase the engagement you currently have, with LESS followers.

To keep up with growth and for good measure, this process should repeat every 8 weeks or so. 

Depending on the size of your account and the amount of followers to clean, it may take longer than 8 weeks to clean the first time.

I hope these service packages made sense

Let me know if you have any questions or would prefer to chat prior to purchasing.

-Leon Benjamin

Pricing on this page may change without notice.

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