Watch this webinar replay from my special guest & mentor Justin Devonshire to discover the exact steps he takes to build a simple lead generation system that WORKS...every time.

(even for online trainers, without being an elite salesman in the process)

Attract 5-10 qualified leads per day from Facebook: your 2019 marketing system

I recommend you all take the time to watch this, as there's golden nuggets that can be applied everywhere. 

He covered:

- How he's been packing fitness classes and boot camp programs over and over for himself and many others in different locations

- His take about the super long turn around time about ORGANIC vs the shorter PAID ways of promoting offers (this is KEY in terms of leveraging your time & energy)

- He also touched on the VISUAL aspects of marketing as well. How showing off too much on your organic might actually HARM you... 

Overview of his Lead Generation system:

1- Create an irresistible PAID front end offer - this is essential if you want to stop attracting freebie seekers
2- Set up a qualifying funnel or application process to filter your gym prospects
3- Use paid traffic to automate lead flow and escape the grind of social media marketing

In the recording, you'll see examples and further explanations for these.

>> Watch till the end as he answers good questions that you might have asked yourself.

By the way,

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Below, are links mentioned on the call if you wish to enroll into Justin's year-long mentorship program to implement this system, along with many other pieces of the puzzle of your business and get full support with his team.

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