How To Grow a Restaurant Account on Instagram

With all the hype around growth and scaling a business and social media, it can be quite frustrating to see numbers stagnate after a while

I’ve been there before, and so have many of my clients while growing their local business accounts with Instagram.

But there are ways around this, which also adds to your business’ bottom line, when applied consistently.

The only requirement is your work ethic (or the one you instill in your team’s)

1. Consistent posting

This goes for posting on your feed, and on your stories. 

A lot of people are scared of posting more in fear it will turn people away.

I have good news for you.

In this late stage of Instagram, people do not really see every single post you make. Instagram will do the heavy lifting on curating the newsfeed for users. 

So there is no need to worry about on OVERPOSTING. 

It actually comes in handy. 

Chances are, the more you swing the bat by posting every day, the more you will see which style of posts will connect and relate to your audience. 

Let the data tell you that you are posting too much, not your thoughts.

It gives an opportunity every day for your posts to appear in front of potential clients. 

Pro tip #1:

If you are struggling to come up with something every day or every week, try this:

You could host a weekly show or segment on your Instagram for people to look forward to.

Pro tip #2:

Another powerful method to get more content, is to encourage fans to share images of their food with a #hashtag.

This is what’s called User Generated Content.

Often, these are what make restaurants Instagram Stories and feed posts so interesting.

Just two of many ideas to leverage content for your brand.

2. Engage out

Now this advice comes straight from Gary Vee who coined the term $1.80 method

Just watch this video about it here:

All you have to do is “be the Mayor” of your town, by engaging with everyone who has the general interest of what it is that you are selling. 

For Example:

Own a Vegan restaurant? Go engage with #montrealvegans

Own Tiki bar? Go engage with bloggers who have reviewed drinks, and those who have liked and commented on their posts

Run a Spa? Go engage with people who take workout selfies or just went to the nearby gym 

The more you do this, the more awareness you get. 

3. Work with Influencers, bloggers, etc


Influencer marketing has become a huge sector in the social media space in 2019 – it reached around 8 billion dollars, and it’s predicted to reach 15 billion dollar industry in 2020. Link to article

79% of brands work with “influencers” on Instagram. 

Why do they do this? 

Because bloggers, and “influencers” have already collected an audience of a certain niche. And their “influence” can drive their traffic to brands they recommend. 

What if your brand was talked about in front of their audience?

If you have never worked with a blogger or influencer before, consider it seriously for the year to come. 

They might be a key source of awareness and good story for your brand for the future. 

4. Giveaways

Give something away, in exchange for attention.

I don’t usually like giveaways for the sake of growth because some people just like the free stuff, then tune away and unfollow after the free stuff is over.

But well crafted giveaways, can attract some good people.

And it can be a good form of brand awareness that can ignite the fire of an early staged business.

It might be what your brand needs to get attention and the ball rolling in terms of knowing your audience.

5. Ads

All previous strategies were based on organic traffic – which takes time and energy to maintain and create. 

However, ads are the leverage when it comes to specific targeting. 

For example:

If you want to target vegans in a specific location radius of 2-5 km of your business…. Then look no further. Ads will do this perfectly. 

And once you find the winning formula for your offer and creative, you can rinse and repeat to other locations.

The ad game (from what I know so far) is that you must refine the wording and targeting to catch the right attention. And this requires testing and capital. 

All you’d have to do is be creative in the ad, and pay Facebook / Instagram to do the rest. 

And thats it, really.

Those 5 elements are all you need really to grow a local business account on Instagram. 

There are other tricks as well, but mostly these 5 are the ones to focus on in the coming years.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

– Leon Benjamin