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If you ever needed a pair of eyes to maximize your efforts on Instagram for your business, then this might be the most important page you read today.

My goal is to make whichever of my services you invest in pay for itself… Ultimately turning it FREE…

Which of these options are best for you to take your Instagram beyond the next steps?

1) Turbo Audit – (to identify your growth potentials)

Instagram too overwhelming? Not sure what to focus on next?

I’ve been there… It’s a mess. And seems like throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks is not really the solution anymore…

Having been in the Instagram service & coaching space since 2014, I’ve grown to identify problems and hidden growth potentials quicker and quicker for entrepreneurs.

Now, I’m offering a faster turnaround TURBO AUDIT service for only $49 USD to give you a short 3-5 min video in order to highlight these problems & potential growth areas for you.

Some of my advice sparked individuals to grow in terms of followers (long-term potential clients): from 800 to 10k in 2 years for a weightlifting coach, from 159 to 7k in several months for a personal trainer, and even 100 local targeted followers overnight for a local business who was below 1k followers.

My advice has also helped close direct sales too: around £15k in fitness bootcamp sales within 60 days starting from scratch, or even fill 20+ people in fitness challenges (if that’s your thing) in a week with an account no larger than 1k followers.

If you want the quickest way to identify your potential growth areas on Instagram and identify which problems to focus on next… Then this is the service for you.

I’m limiting the TURBO AUDITS to 8 people this week as a test to see how quickly I can deliver them since I can only dedicate 1 day per week to Instagram services (on Tuesdays).

If all you got from this service is a strong direction on what to laser-focus on to get just 1 extra sale this week, would that be enough for you to see Instagram’s true potential for you in the long term?

Something to think about.

2) Full Audit – (For HOW to maximize your growth potentials)

As we identify the problems & potential growth with the TURBO AUDIT, this Audit is HOW to fix those problems with strategies to overcome them long-term for your business.

Overall, the purpose of this service is to get the direction of your content sorted, so that you’ll grow and connect deeper with your existing audience on Instagram, to later promote your services more profitably.

It is a deep dive through how your business and Instagram are meeting together to find what works, what doesn’t work, how you can fix them, and what else to add.

You get the most value possible – even if you work with me just this once.

Listen to what Curt from Roundbox Fitness had to say after working together for his account Audit and support calls.

Here’s what Brennan had to say after getting her account Audited and having jumped on a call afterwards:

This is also great way to get your account audited.

You receive:

  1. A custom strategy for your account’s content &/or growth for the long term,
  2. and My recommended tweaks to change on your profile for quick wins. (In written documents and in a video walkthrough)

You get to understand exactly how you can start running your Instagram more profitably.

Justin Devonshire for his local fitness bootcamp in Cyprus

Clients have seen growth in as short as 7 days after receiving their report. A recent client grew by over 253 followers organically, in 3 days after receiving her Audit due to her taking action on the advice.

It also helps in the lifetime growth of your account.

Michaela Breeze – Olympic Weightlifting Coach (She’s now at over 52k followers)

Peter Soon, who later grew to 64k followers in 2019

Sometimes all you need is an Audit from a marketer’s perspective who’s been in the trenches and to run with their suggestions to have exponential results.

With Sukh Sidhu of Online Fitness Business

With Dan Meredith from Coffee with Dan

3) Recurring Audits

If you want regular Audits to make sure you (or your team) are on the right path to follow through with our recommended changes, PLUS provide you with additional on-going support and accountability… then Recurring Audits might be for you.

(A FULL Audit is required to join the Recurring Audits)

Sign up and you will get:

  • Up to two Turbo Audits per month and give you more guidance to tweak your account,
  • Up to Two calls together
  • Access to private message me throughout the week for quick support. 9am – 7pm EST.

See you on the other side,

Leon Benjamin