Hidden Gems on Instagram

If I had to start a new business.. I’d use Instagram..

Not because I know the platform well, but because there’s so many hidden gems in there to guide you

There’s LOADS of communities around niches I didnt even know existed..

Last week i found there’s huge demand for high quality mermaid fins lol

I’d dig into those communities, see the questions people ask and which posts have gotten the most attention

And try to piece together a product/service around that.

Then start an account around a theme, and interact with the fans of other accounts

Its all accessible and right at our fingertips..

✅ You can quickly find communities on there
✅ Start gathering information about people in your market
✅ Start some real conversations with people..
✅ Show people what youre about..
✅ And bring them over to your tribe

If you already have a business, then its just a matter of research to find these communities

Once you do, you’ll have a goldmine to dig into

You feel me?