Hashtag Domination

Get your hashtags sorted once and for all

Overall, this is an advanced strategy for being efficient with hashtags. Doing this will expose you to the right people over the next few years. Thus, you will sell more just by posting more organically from your suggested Content Plan (from Full Audit).


I provide this hashtag research so that you hit various aspects of your audience depending on your topic, content, and target market. As opposed to using the same set of hashtags over and over (which hurt you since the previous Instagram updates), or spending hours looking for the perfect hashtags for only 1 post…

These hashtags supplement the organic exposure for your posts. This research is good for 12 – 24 weeks depending on how your content performs. With this list, you have the potential to grow beyond 2,000 likes per post – when your content is aligned (thanks to the Full Audit).


The purpose of this strategy is to reach on the top posts on easy hashtags first, then build up to the more difficult ones over time for long term exposure (these will be based on your niche, content, target market).


(1) You’ll get a handpicked list of hashtags for your account to rank in. This list is sorted in tiers. You’ll get between 150 to 500 hashtags.

Example of the Hashtags sheet

(2) This package also includes a Hashtag Generator to create unique sets of 5-10-15-20-25-30 hashtags from your list above at-a-click-of-a-button. They are ready to be copy-pasted into your posts for optimal exposure and impressions for your content as well.

Just generate a new set, and copy the cell that’s in the spreadsheet, then paste it in your post, or in your Instagram scheduler (I recommend a few IG scheduling tools as well).

Example of the Hashtag Generator Sheet

(3) BONUSES for this package include my trainings on how to write your captions, with templates, call to actions, checklists, etc to maximize your posting efforts.

After getting this, you’d be set for targeted exposure just by posting your content. Please note that this service does NOT promise growth. Your content must be aligned and you must be posting regularly (Full Audit is recommended first).

What would happen when you combine your content strategy with the right kind of exposure with my help?

See you on the other side,

Leon Benjamin