“What’s The Quickest Way To Grow My Instagram Following, Leon?”…

Revealed: The ONE Strategy To Build Your Following Quickly, More Profitably, And In Less Time…

You’re About To Discover How A Simple, Badly Taught Strategy
Could Be Your Instagram Savior...

So how do I build my clients following so quickly?


Yep, right there, I’m giving you the secret sauce.

Though without reading the rest of this letter, it’s utterly useless as nearly everything you research about hashtags online will have you chasing your own tail and most likely be forced into inaction and procrastination.

But before I share with you what my actual strategy is and why my clients love me for it (as they get sales from their followers as well), let me introduce myself…

My name’s Leon Benjamin and if you’ve been in any FitPro or entrepreneur groups in the last 3 years like:

  • Coffee With Dan
  • Online Fitness Business
  • Domination
  • Fitness Business Blueprint Mastermind
  • Fitness Education Online
  • Create Plan Do
  • And many, many more.

Then you’ve likely seen me do one of my trainings where I walk you through how to build your Instagram following (it’s a LOT more than just posing and taking selfies of your ass - yes this includes guys as well!).

Or you’ve been part of my challenges.

Over the last few years, I’ve closely built up a systematic strategy that isn’t as boring as it sounds, that allows me to put together the right, untapped, hashtags for my clients so they can get seen, be featured, and ultimately have an impact on their marketplace.

Now, you’re probably wondering what I do differently to everyone else.

Well the majority of other Instagram “masters” rely on follow/unfollow tactics, flooding 30+ hashtags that are super generic and hoping and praying that one of them sticks.

Or the very worst, have a group of Instagramer’s follow you but never engage with you (this is worse than having a small, dedicated following).

So how do I find the right Instagram Hashtags for my clients?

Well the first thing I do is create a profile for the client.

So imagine this is you and I working together.

Got that image in your mind? Great.

Let’s assume you’re a FitPro.

The first thing I would do with you is look through the content you already have on your Instagram and look at the captions, hashtags, and engagement you’ve already got.

Once we’ve established this, we go through a quick questionnaire (I know I hate this word too, it’s boring) where we figure out who your audience is (if you already know, this makes my job easier).

Then we run through everything that you want/need to do to get your following.

Obviously we have goals for you to hit.

Do you want more sales? Clients? Endorsements?

Whatever it is, if it makes sense and you’re in the right place for me to work with you, we’ll get you there.

So the process after this interview stage begins with figuring out and picking between 100-500 fresh hashtags that will benefit you.

They’re not a list of generic hashtags that any bot monkey could find, these are the top 100-500 hashtags that are best suited for your niche. (Even did this with my friends Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instagram account).

Once we’ve figured this part out, the next part is the data processing, we test and figure out which hashtags are doing well, getting you engagement, etc.

The goal is to trim that list down to a short list of the most powerful hashtags and use them to build your following and brand.

Which then leads down to my 2 Tier Tag strategy.

The long and short of it is this:

The 2 Tier Tag strategy should last you between 6-12 months or until those hashtags are exhausted and are consistently getting you 2,000-3,000 likes and engagement.

(Note: If you don’t change up your hashtags, the algorithm punishes you).

Then obviously I’d give you the support you’d need to make sure that you knew how to use combination hashtags to rank high in the big leagues of Instagram & not just leave you with a “Here’s your list, bye” - that’s a dick move.

The coolest part though, you’ll get to see my Hashtag Generator - this is how you create randomly-generated lists of 10-15-20-25 or 30 tags to pick from ANDDDD it’s all geared up with your niche so you know what to do.

So each time you generate a new list of hashtags, they’re unique for you - so it makes combinations easier and faster.

And of course, I bundle this whole thing up into a Google Spreadsheet (or excel if you’re picky) so you can make better decisions on how to use the data correctly. (Yes I get nerdy with this).

Now, imagine I did all of that with you over a 3-5 day time period.

Then actually went ahead and packaged it all up so you could work with me at a staggeringly low price?

How cool would that be?

My guess, pretty damn cool.

To summarize, you’re going to get a complete Hashtag strategy for the next 6-12 months where you can create a unique set of hashtags that are targeted for your industry and niche!

Essentially, you could pay for Instagram ads or you could create organic content that brings in more followers and engagement.

Mega Marty MacPhee

"I am here to tell you about how great and how greatly improved my Instagram is using Leon Benjamin's Hashtag Domination service.

I've known Leon now I think for a little bit over a year and not only has he been a fantastic mentor to me through Instagram (period) and in terms of how to work my feed, how to work my stories, how to work my messages and everything. I could go on droning on about that. That's a whole other video for this but specifically the Hashtag Domination service. 

I struggled a lot with hashtags in terms of what to use for my niche, what to use for my market, which pictures to use which hashtags on, and Leon's Hashtag Domination Service, I actually ended up using twice because not only did I need it but it was so effective for me because I was putting on hashtags that I was kind of coming up with myself. 

I was doing a little bit of research, you know what, I'll change that. I was doing way too much research and getting zero return. When I was taking a look at my statistics, my insights or whatever we'll say, no one was finding my posts from hashtags, not a single person.

So not only did I hire Leon for this specific service, but when people were finding my posts that had never found them before I finally reached over 10,000 followers so I can finally use a swipe up in my stories, which I am absolutely, absolutely certain that I would never have gotten there without the usage of Leon's Hashtag Domination Service.

So boys and girls, I can't recommend it enough. The price on it is so ridiculously cheap I would have probably paid $500 plus for it. So if he still has this service available jump on it. You won't regret it and if you're like me you'll use it twice and you'll be able to grow your Instagram like never before.

So thanks a bunch Leon and I can't wait to keep growing with you over the years."

Here's Aidan follower graph below. He's seeing steady growth on his account since he got Hashtag Domination. 
And not just growth in followers. Increase in sales too.

He reported he sold out his latest November offer in 24 hrs.
Hell yeah. That's what I like to hear.

“So what’s the investment?”

I’ve been playing around with this a lot.

Initially I launched this at $250 for the first 20 people, that got sold out almost immediately.

But I don’t want to punish you because you got to this page later than they did, that’s not entirely your fault.

Soooo, I’m going to be doing you a solid, you can get access to this insane level of service for only $369.

That’s right for $369 we can start working together, get that questionnaire sorted out and have your Hashtag strategy in place ready for you.

All that’s stood between you and receiving organic traffic to your IG account is about 6-7 days and knowing what to do that has been proven to work and constantly is adapted to keep up with IG’s rules!

Now… Just to be VERY DAMN CLEAR… I don’t promise 10,000 followers with x amount of hashtags, that would be like telling you that I could get you 10,000 new email subscribers because I optimized your SEO and you’ll have them in 30 days.

The reality is some people do get those numbers but they probably have their business set up in a different way to you (or you could be that person that does get that result).

What I can guarantee is that you will see a rise in the right kind of exposure and impressions using the right Hashtags I put together for you.

So here’s how you get started...

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page with ThriveCart where all you have to do is confirm your choice, enter your regular details and complete your investment.

Once you’ve done that - you’ll be sent a questionnaire where that I need you to fill out before we start putting together your strategy.

Essentially we’ll go through everything like I said above.

Now the price will be going up every 10 people so make sure you book in your spot today.

I will do everything within my power to ensure we get the right set of Hashtags for you to truly capitalize on your niche.

This starts with you though - you need to make sure that questionnaire has all the relevant details.

Yes you can groan but this is your IG following and I want you to have the best experience and results.

And Here's Vanessa's stats. Who posts around once per week. 
And she is still managing to grow every week. Imagine she posted more often?
These numbers would double.

Of course, I’m going to give you bonuses:

Bonus #1: A 9 Simple Step Checklist To Write Full-Proof Captions on Instagram

Basically - stop making dumb mistakes and let me take care of the leg work for you.

These are customizable  (do customize them) captions for your IG account so you can get more engagement!

Bonus #2: Instagram Caption Openers & Layouts training to mix your styles that grab attention of your readers FAST

Sometimes you want to create your own openers, layouts, and most importantly have a style that screams you.

This training will show you how to do just that.

Bonus #3: A Call to action swipe file to inspire your readers to take action and get engagement

People need direction, leaving them to their own devices means they won’t take the actions you want them to take.

This swipe file will show you how to do just that and you know… Give you a lot of inspiration to create your own Call to Action.

Bonus #4: Two Instagram Story Sequences to promote, connect and Sell

Stories sell and doing it right on Instagram is one of the best ways to create connection.

These two sequences will build a story that will engage your audience and have them wanting more.

Bonus #5: And a surprise bonus which I am NOT sharing publicly :) - this is easily worth $500.

Yeah, I’m not giving you details here as I do love a buying frenzy but this isn’t a product, it’s a service so only those who join will get to know this.

Remember, I’m helping you find the right Hashtags for your niche and audience to raise your profile and gain more engagement.

Then I’m giving you up to a years worth of randomly generated targeted Hashtags to use on your posts.

And not to mention the insane bonuses above, all for the ONE-TIME investment of $350.

So what’re you waiting for?

Click the order button, go to my payment cart via ThriveCart, confirm your choice and enter your regular details to complete your investment today.

Once you’ve done this, I’ll get in touch and we can get started.

(Yes you’ll also get the bonuses at this point as well).

Best of luck,

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