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Podcast Interviews:

1- How to conquer instagram as an online coach with Leon BenjaminOnline Trainer Show with Jack Gadd

Online Trainer Show · EP 17 – How to conquer instagram as an online coach with Leon Benjamin

2- How to Grow Your Instagram – Fitness Education Online Podcast: Bootcamp Blueprint: How Personal Trainers Can Grow Their Bootcamp! – with Jono Petrohilos

A live case study on the process to update your IG profile to getting paying clients through Instagram – with one of the funniest dudes who interviewed me!

Fitness Education Online Podcast · Ep 16: Leon Benjamin: How to grow your Instagram

3- How to use Instagram properlyAdil Amarsi Unplugged

  • Biggest Instagram mistakes you should avoid
  • The best photo caption he ever come up with
  • When is it smart to set your Instagram account private?
  • Instagram tools Leon recommends for business owners
  • and much more..

4- How to turn Your Instagram Into a Lead Generating Machine for fitness professionals. The OnlineSuper Coach Podcast with AJ Mihrzad

A LIVE workshop walking you through how to start your instagram account from scratch and various other tips.

5- Learn How to Grow Your Instagram Account & Generate Leads – The Business Hackers Podcast with David De Souza

✅ The common mistakes that are being committed by Instagram users
✅ How to use emojis correctly and the importance in using emojis
✅ Some of the main ways on how Instagram can be of help for businesses
✅ How to perform hashtag analysis
✅ My recommended tools or tips when creating photos
✅ The right and wrong way to use Instagram automation

6- Instagram Growth in 7 StepsAwaken Your Alpha – Action, Mastery, Legacy. by Adam Lewis Walker
Episode #238 – Instagram Growth in 7 Steps

  • 7 MIN – Making Money & NO PAID Ads.
  • 8 MIN – Collaboration on instagram.
  • 9 MIN – The TWO different types of people on instagram.
  • 12 MIN – PHOTO tagging?
  • 13 MIN – The 7 steps to reach your instagram goals
    1. How do you fit?
    2. The Market?
    3. How to optimize your profile.
    4. Your content.
    5. Lead generation.
    6. SALES – CTA
    7. Retention.
  • 18 MIN – Should you always link to your Facebook?
  • 24 MIN – Describe what we are looking at!
  • 30 MIN – What about Automated responses? (My RANT!)
  • 32 MIN – Follow for Follow?

7– Leon Benjamin Talks InstagramThe Powerful Positioning Project
Episode 07

8- Leon Benjamin Instagram StrategyThe Man Club Podcast by Duke Sayer 
Episode 07

The Man Club Podcast · ManClub Episode 07 Leon Benjamin Instagram Strategy