"So, What's The Investment?"

Only $99 the first month, then $157 per month after (for the next 10 sign-ups). It is just out of reach of people whom I don't want to work with, the people that will actually be more of a hassle for me to work with than I really thought of.

If you have read all the previous page and fully agree, then let's get you started. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me BEFORE purchasing.

WARNING: Please Do NOT Buy This package thinking you will get the moon and the stars and sales overnight if you have never sold anything from Instagram. It is ultimately a service to get you exposure & awareness.

Think of this service as a luxury, as a way of multiplying what is already working on your account. If you already have a system of capturing leads or closing clients through Instagram, then this should be good for you to multiply the opportunities for that. 

If you have NOT optimized your content to sell more through Instagram, then I recommend you sign up for my Profile Diagnostic service first. 

If you agree, continue below. 

So Here's How You Get Started

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page with ThriveCart where all you have to do is confirm your choice, enter your regular details and complete your investment.

Once you’ve done that - I'll send a questionnaire I need you to fill out before we start growing your exposure.

Best of luck,
Leon Benjamin

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