What does this look like in terms of time?

The minimum time to see good results with this package is 3 months. Why?

Depending on the age of your account, it may be critical for your account to start light with actions. Then, we increase our speed at a steady pace to avoid getting bad trust scores with Instagram

The key to growth with this is: to gradually warm up the account with daily actions, to follow users who recently interacted on other accounts, to eliminate the accounts which did not convert well, and simultaneously, to engage with current followers of your account to encourage engagement back to you.

To allow for all of the above, 3 months is the minimum to pass these stages.

Your first month will be all about warming up your account so that Instagram trusts the actions on a daily basis. During this time, we will start to tweak your filters so that we are getting a high percentage of real people and not spam (although some do fall through the cracks). We also start testing the sources SLOWLY in this month. The main focus is building up your daily actions.

In the second month is where we can optimize the growth by going FASTER and eliminating bad performing sources. Since now Instagram is trusting the account, we can go faster and test more accounts. We should expect better growth in the coming months after removing the bad "weeds".

Your third month (and further) is where we really pump things out. We are doing MORE actions and have tested to keep your Top performing sources. If all goes according to plan, this is where your numbers start to really grow and optimize further.


Since June-July 2019, there have been multiple waves of temporary blocks across a LARGE percentage of accounts. Even those accounts who have never used a service to follow and unfollow. Hence, slowing this service down. So we may expect a longer warm-up period than usual depending on the state of your account. 


*With this service you receive a weekly and monthly stats report for your Instagram numbers. (including engagement rate, followers, followings, posts, etc)


The main promises I'd require from you are:

  1. To agree to continuously improve your content,
  2. Share your insights data with me regularly, and
  3. (optional) share your opt-in and sales numbers so that we can work on optimizing this for you. 

If you agree, then let's continue:

So, what's the Investment?

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