So here is how this service works... 

Now that you know that your Content is what drives your sales and relationship with your audience (and it should always be improving), then let's add fuel to the fire with exposure through my Fan Building Service:

Step 1: I ask for your Target Market

You can be as specific as you want here. And we can branch out to existing people who have already purchased or shown interest in that market recently on Instagram -- as they are potential hot buyers of your type of product / service already. 

Step 2: I gather a list of Sources to test

These are accounts which already have those potential leads & clients. I will use the best methods of research that I know to find these others accounts. We will NOT be targeting accounts with millions of followers or accounts which have mostly fake followers.. this is not our goal. Our goal here is to find the best possible places where your leads are likely already engaging in.

If you need to attract local audiences, we can research the ideal locations in your area who are interested in your niche and market. We would engage with users who have been active in locations near you and with local accounts. 

Using the lists of locations from your target market’s interests, we have previously doubled foot-traffic to one of our clients who sells women’s clothing.

Step 3: Test the sources against your account by following & un-following active users

I follow the users which have RECENTLY engaged on posts from the sources. This tells us they have recently been active on Instagram, and pro-actively shown interest. Then, a few days later, we un-follow them. 

We do this to send them a notification to their account, so that it gives them a reason to check your Profile out. (this notification is one of the best to arouse curiosity to check out your profile). If your account is interesting to them, then they decide to follow you or not.

Reminder to get the Profile Diagnostic done so that you get my tips to Optimize Your Profile to maximize the fan to follower conversion.

The reason we un-follow them is because we are limited to follow 7,500 people on IG at a time. Typically, we hover between 1k-3k followings at a time. 

According to each source we test, we can identify which ones are bringing the most followers and perhaps even the sales (IF you provide me the opt-in and sales data every week)

Step 4. Eliminate the bad Sources - leaving only the best performing ones

Removing the sources where they didn't follow back. This happens continuously as we add more sources to test. We will optimize this list as we test more sources against your account for actual data.

Step 5. Engage with your followers to promote engagement to you

Your engagement rate is more important to maintain than growing followers. So there will be a dedicated amount of actions spent daily on engaging with your followers. (Getting likes and comments from your followers weighs heavier than those from non-followers and goes a long way). To do this, we "like" the images of your followers to encourage engagement back to your account.


Now that you know how it works, let's dig into what it looks like in a time-frame:

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