Grow Your Instagram Exposure by getting in front of People who are already interested...

If you are too busy to reach out to potential prospects every single day. . . Then you can get Leon to handle this for you so you free up your time.

There are 3 elements an Instagram account needs to do in order to grow. They are: Content, Consistency and Outreach.

  1. Content: this is where you share meaningful, inspirational and relatable posts to your audience.
  2. Consistency: this is when you are sharing the above regularly so you remain top of mind to your audience. 
  3. Outreach: this is when you are engaging with potential clients on Instagram one by one. 

The idea behind outreach is to have continuous leads coming through Instagram (even if you don't post as often as you should). You'll get a constant flow of new visitors who wouldn't have seen you just through hashtags.

Hence, maximizing your organic reach after you combine it with Hashtag Domination.

Leon's ultimate goal with this service would be for you to break even within the first month. Then from there, the next 2 months would be to ramp it up to start getting multiples of your investment. (when done right, this happens a few months in)

NOTE: The above statement requires your content and profile to be optimized BEFORE signing up for this service. This service is to increase your chances of making sales from Instagram. If your profile & content are NOT optimized yet, sign up to my Profile Diagnostic service to get my personal recommendations for your specific account available here

If you haven't received a Profile Diagnostic, then this service might NOT deliver the results you ultimately want. 


If you are okay with pressing on, then, let me show how this service works: 

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