Do You Make These Mistakes On Your Instagram Accounts?

I see these mistakes so often in startups and established businesses… You start, then after 2 weeks, you give up after you don’t see any results.

It’s hurting ALL your efforts to grow your business through instagram.

If you don’t fix these 3 things, I guarantee you will LOSE the Instagram game.

If you fix these mistakes on your page, you’ll see traffic, engagement and sales rise up in a few weeks.

I’m going to be honest, it’s not sexy. It just takes preparation, that’s all.

1. You are NOT posting enough.

You should be posting at least 3 times a week.

At LEAST. That’s the bare minimum.

If you do it once a day, you’re getting in the sweet spot.

Going to 2-5 per day is when you have a LOT of fans - after 10k+ followers. You don’t need to, at the beginning. Save your content to spread it out more. 


  • Because it shows your page is ALIVE.
  • It shows you are PRESENT.
  • It shows your page is NOT ran by robots
  • It means that you SHOW UP every day for your audience

Even if you repost someone else’s picture. Have something to add to it. Maybe a different insight on what’s going on,

Do you already look up to someone who shows up every day?

Does it motivate you that they are dedicated to something?

I know I do.

Your audience is on instagram for content, so give it to them.

If you don’t post regularly, you will lose your audience to your competitors who are showing up DAILY. Your followers actively chose to follow you. It’s your duty to provide them with value.

2. You think your posts speak for themselves

Most of the time, they are NOT.

Describe what’s going on:

  • Who’s in it? 
  • Why is it interesting for you to post?
  • Why should your followers look at this? 

Its NOT always obvious.

Some people are new to your world.

So make it easy for your readers. Point it out. Highlight what you are showing.

3. You are leaving it to CHANCE for them to Engage and Buy

If you are selling something or growing your email list, or simply building your tribe on instagram..

You are missing out if you are not directing them to engage with you or bringing them to your email list or blog

What you want to do is this:

After describing your pictures in the caption, write what you WANT people to do:

  1. want them to go to your website?
  2. - add “click the link in the bio to see/learn more!”
  3. want them to share it with more like-minded people?
  4. - “tag 3 friends who might like this”
    - “tag a workout buddy”
  5. want them to buy your stuff?
  6. - “click the link in the bio to grab yours”
  7. want their opinion?
  8. - “which do you like best? A or B”

WHY ask these so blatantly?

People are scrolling social media with fractions of a second given to posts... 

If you don’t ASK, you won’t GET.

Dont leave it to chance.

Hold their hand through it.

Make it as easy as possible.

Some of my clients put as much as 5 call to actions per post..
And they get 1,000’s of interactions on their posts.. 

It starts with tiny commitments.

By fixing the above 3 mistakes , you are transforming your IG to become your automatic lead generator...

Now GO. IMPLEMENT these...

Don’t think more about it,
Just do it!
And watch your engagement and opt-ins spike up.

Wishing you success,  

Leon Benjamin

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