Do you realize there are 16 year old kids, making thousands of dollars a month using Instagram…

Yet you barely manage a trickle of sales from one of your favourite social media accounts?

Do ANY of the following apply to you?

Are you posting sporadically and getting no traction, and simply hoping for the best?


Do you see other businesses doing well on Instagram and WONDER HOW ON EARTH THEY ARE DOING IT?

OR …

Have you seen Instagram kids on TV (and you should if you don’t), and watch in awe of them making literally $1,000s –  if not $10,000s – and buying diamond encrusted Bentleys?

OR …

Do you have MORE MONTH THAN MONEY (this really is unnecessary)

OR …

Do you flick through Facebook and wonder how EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO BE CRUSHING IT?

OR …

DO YOU HAVE BUSINESS/SERVICE/PRODUCT that you are so deeply proud of?

You can go online now and find anyone’s agency who will get you 5k-10k followers a month… what seems like peanuts…

Do you know what you’ll really get? Monkeys…

And those followers will hurt your account’s image more than help it.

(Your engagement ratio will decrease drastically and you’ll want to remove all those followers 6 months from now. I’ve see this happen many times.)

Let’s turn things around.

I’ll teach you the right way. I may be able to help you grow your account from 200 – 3,000 followers a month. But these will be loyal followers who love what you do, love your brand, love your business and..

Actually the most important thing..  They want to invest in your products.  

It all begins with:

1- Setting Your Goals & Metrics

This is where you sit down and really jot down what your ultimate goals are with Instagram. Is it to sell your product? Add members to your facebook group? Being doing this, you’ll focus more on the end result without over thinking about minor issues that come up in between.

Its also where you will decide what you will measure. How will you know if you’ve improved? How do you know if you’re doing better than yesterday? What are important numbers to look at? For one, follower growth is good to measure. Ultimately there are other numbers to track such as, your website clicks as well.

Once these are established and clearly written out, then it’s time to take it into action with…

2- Your Content Plan

Content is the most important thing on Instagram. More than the stickers and emojis and hashtags.

When you start putting out stuff regularly that has meaning, that connects with your tribe and gets them inspired to take action and change their lives… thats when you know your content plan is headed towards the right direction.

This is where you put together a repertoire of content so you have a never-ending supply ready to go. This is so you dont scrap around posting things with no relevance and have something to share other than pics of your pooch or what you had for dinner.

After nailing this strategy, then its time to dig into the tactics. And the most important tactic of all is

3- Posting like a Pro

The whole point of this section is for your fans to connect with you, relate, get value, and when they’re ready, sign up to your programs.

There’s a specific way in which captions are written in order to do this. And no, simply writing an emoji in your caption will NOT work – like the popular influencers do.. (they already did a lot of grind work to get there)

Once this is nailed, its time to..

4- Add fuel to your fire with Traffic

This is where you add more eyeballs to see your stuff. With all the previous steps, you have established your goals, your metrics, your content plan, your posting skills to relate, connect and sell your products..

The only thing left is to add MORE people to see you.

If you skip this part, then you’ll likely get discouraged by the low interaction compared to the high quality content you’re putting out.

There’s all kinds of ways to increase the views, but focus on the ones that will attract the ones that will most likely be interested in you / your brand.

That way, you dont attract spam and robots to your account (btw, if any of them follow you, block them immediately – you’ll thank me later)

So, now that we’ve covered what you need to do as a business to present yourself on Instagram,

What are your options in moving forward with all this?

Either take what you learned from the above and apply it yourself  


if you want results faster and easier,

You can invest in working WITH me – along with others who are applying them daily.

People often fail to implement the steps above because they get too busy and don’t find the time to do it.

In my Triple Your Tribe Academy, we tackle this by laying out tasks as simply and short as possible. So you can fit it into your schedule, no matter if you have 5 minutes, or 2 hours of free time to implement.

Some people need guidance because they are all over the place.

When you join, you get a bonus intro call with Leon, to check-in with your current situation. Then guide you through what you need to focus on right now to move forward.

On top of that, there’s numerous checklists inside the Academy to give yourself a self-audit and see what your next steps should be.

Along with those above, you get access to an entire course covering the topics above, guiding you step-by-step on what you should do next. If you are lost, you can always post inside our private, members-only Facebook Support Group.

Some people can’t move forward unless they are held accountable.  

We can help you with that in the Academy with our Monday Check-in posts. Where you can pick and choose what you’ll be focusing on for the week, and you are held accountable to have it completed by the end of the week. Not all members do this. However, if that’s your style, you are welcome to use it.

Not inspired to get your work done? Need a nudge to move forward?

We hold Group Calls every other week, where you can share your struggles, issues, wins and lessons you learned from the previous weeks. Along with hearing Leon’s advice for your situation, you’ll get to hear from other members who are going through similar things too. And we can quickly go over your account to see what your next step should be.

Getting lost in the forest and get obsessed over follower numbers fluctuating and forget why they’re on instagram in the first place…

That simply comes down to understanding how the entire process looks like. And how Instagram will fit into your business. You’ll grasp this by going through the Core 7 course that is included inside the Academy. Layout the other things that you should be paying attention to.

So what do you get when you sign up?

1- A Call with Leon

You get to tell him what’s currently happening with your Instagram strategy on a 1-on-1 call. Then Leon will point what you should focus on next to move forward. He’ll point you towards resources included in the Academy for you to check out immediately.

This is to get you to where YOU ultimately want to head towards, while using Instagram to get there. And Leon will simply show you the next few inches right now, with big picture guidance as well.

This call will most likely make the entire membership worth while.

2- Access to a private, members-only Facebook Support Group. Ask your questions here. And we’ll help you and point you in the right direction to get you moving forward. 

3- Monday Check-in Posts: To keep yourself accountable for the coming week.

4- Core 7 Course: The first iteration of the course to set up your account all the way to follower retention. With examples and checklists for you to follow. 

5- The 2.0 version of the course where the focus is more on your content and the pillars mentioned above (recording is currently in progress)

6- Whats working great right now on Instagram series (regular posts inside the group to keep you up to date with trends)

7- Access to Previous Group Challenges (Our last one was about gaining 1,000 followers in a month using 4 different traffic strategies – 1 strategy per week for 4 weeks) 


Will this academy have 100% of all the answers regarding Instagram?

We don’t have top secret insider workers from Instagram headquarters…(although we do get some leaks from time to time). There will always be new things on Instagram. So in short, no, but we’ll do our best to keep things simple enough for you to get you to your goals without overwhelm while updating you with ONLY what’s important for you. 

Will there be things that are DONE FOR YOU when you join?

Some, yes. You’ll get recommendations for tools, templates, swipe files and hashtag lists. However, they DO require your time to select the right ones and tailor them to your account.

*If you’d like custom work done for you, then contact Leon once you’re in the group with what you’d like and for rates.

>> Join by clicking here <<

Within 24 hours of confirming your membership, we’ll add you as a friend on Facebook (required) and message you to send you the necessary links to get you going.

After being in the Academy you’ll feel:

  • Confident in your Instagram strategy to get leads and clients
  • Have a better grasp of how instagram plays a role in your business
  • Reassurance that you’re not alone to figure this out
  • Self-expressive in your posts to show more of yourself or your brand to showcase your expertise to help others

This is BEST for you if:

  • You are looking for guidance on how you’re currently using Instagram and how to improve it
  • You are familiar on posting on Instagram already
  • You are looking for some examples of WHAT to do and not to do on Instagram (we have all kinds of swipe files and video reviews..)
  • You have allocated some time to invest at first


This program is NOT for you if

  • You are a complete beginner to Instagram (I expect you to have already used Instagram, and know how to post with a caption.)
  • You don’t have a product or service to sell yet. (ideally, you already have a solid idea and you’ve already sold your services elsewhere. We’re simply going to maximize what you’re already selling)
  • You are short on time — (this requires some of your time to implement.)
  • You are solely looking for services to be done for you (reach out to Leon for this type of service afterwards, but not at this early stage. Join to know what to expect in terms of what to do, if you feel like its too much to handle for you, then reach out for Done For You Services.
  • You are going to ask Leon a question without implementing the answer. If you want to pick Leon’s brains, it is far better the sake of your time and Leon’s to book a paid 1-1 call with him with your questions submitted in advance.


Look, People are WAITING FOR YOU.

Right Now. They want your stuff.

You should join if you want to set yourself up to attract the right kinds of followers in the long run. 

I won’t always have this program at $97 per month.

People who’ve joined high end masterminds have told me that the service and content that’s delivered inside my Academy is more in-depth and analytical than the fluff they’ve heard from other self-claimed “IG Experts”.


1- 90 minute Guest Webinar Leon  hosted for Espresso With Dan members only ($197 value)

A condensed version of the Core 7 course just for members of EWD. Along with Q&A and a 5 day challenge at the end. If you need a shortcut to the Course, watch this.

Only members of Espresso With Dan get this (when you pay a deposit every quarter then pay 95 pounds per month to have access)


2- A PDF copy of the 7-Day Social Media Savages – the Instaslut Chronicles that Leon hosted with a panel of IG Experts in Coffee With Dan (97$ value)

Need to start with a savage sprint? Then go through this series. It was a big hit inside CWD with over 600 active participants. ALL the posts from the challenge have been deleted since. This is the only place you’ll get the PDF of it – besides EWD.

3- Discounts on future services


Leon Benjamin


The big problem is that know you should be on Instagram, but you’re just not sure which direction to take it — and how to maximize that.

To overcome this, just follow the 4 Pillars mentioned above: your Goals & Metrics, Your Content Plan, Posting Like a Pro and Adding fuel to the fire with Traffic.

And you don’t need to worry on which to start with first, because when you join, you get a call with Leon to see where you’re next step should be.

Inside the Academy, you’ll get help to implement each of those steps as well with checklists, template, examples, video tutorials, etc.

You’ll be in a group full of like-minded business owners to keep you accountable, share each others wins and stay up to date with Instagram as well.

If you choose NOT to, what will your Instagram look like 6 months from now?

Likely, you will continue to post inconsistently, leaving you with the same amount of clients (or less).

Chances are, you’ll fill yourself with doubt with every post.. then you might think that you’ll need to hire an agency because your followers are not growing… only to regret the decision because those followers don’t turn into leads or sales in the long run.


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