The Instagram Audit

To decide if this service is right for you or not, let me ask four questions:

  • Do you sit in bed at the end of the day tired and frustrated that all your hard work on Instagram ends up equaling ZERO sales and minimal engagement?
  • Do you spend hours creating epic pictures, amazing content only to get crickets on your post?
  • HATE ‘spam bots’ and would LOVE to have actual REAL people (with money ready to invest in YOUR services) actively commenting and interacting on your posts?
  • Continually crushed and confused on how to turn followers into fans into raving customers?!
Me at The Fitness Business Blueprint Immersion event in Cyprus 2019

Hey, I’m Leon Benjamin and I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners over the last five years in the fitness space and other markets. I’ve grown over 200k followers for my client accounts and I’ve helped create hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct results from my ORGANIC strategies & methods.

In essence, I’ve coached clients to communicate clearer and improve the quality of their local and online traffic through Instagram.

This resulted in:

  • Exposure to people who actually want to hear what my clients had to say,
  • More leads & clients,
  • Signing sponsorship deals with brands.

What clients say about my work:

Jack Beadle from Hatchet Harry’s in the UK
Justin Devonshire from his local bootcamp in Cyprus

The Quickest Way to Work With Me is With an Instagram Audit

This is my top recommendation if you want a ONE-OFF workbook with Instagram strategies and tweaks specific to your business to implement on your own (or with your team) over the next 3-12 months.

Here’s how the Audit works:

Phase 1: Your Goals and Intentions

This is where I ask you a series of questions so that I get an idea of where you are right now and where you want to be headed.

I ask questions in terms of:

  • Your current content creation process,
  • How you deal with leads,
  • Who’s managing your account, 
  • What are your long-term intentions, 
  • What you have previously tried & didn’t work,
  • and any additional information you’d like to share with me in regards to your marketing goals for your business.

This allows us to be clear on what your goals are and to provide you with strategic options to help you reach them  — instead of me giving you generic advice that you can Google.

Phase 2: Analyzing your Account

Here, I’ll be reviewing your account inside and out while considering your information from Phase 1.

Mainly, I’ll help you uncover the areas you might have missed so you can maximize your Instagram presence. 

You get my FULL detailed report on every aspect of your account. 

You will also receive a 10 to 25 minute video walking you through your account from my point of view.

This report and video include:

  • Bio optimization,
  • Caption changes,
  • Hashtag feedback,
  • Recommended content plan to follow according to your goals & intentions to get the most out of your efforts.

(optional) Phase 3 : Support Calls & Check-ins to Cover Any Questions Together

If you prefer to have a call so I can show you and answer your specific questions, we will look at your Audit document together and clarify everything. I’ll guide you through it so that you or your team can take action in the best way possible. 

We will also schedule 4 additional check-in calls over the following 60 days so that you stay on track, solve issues you may run into and get direct support from me.

These support calls may be worth more than the Audit itself.

*If you are not ready for these on-going support calls, you can sign up to these at a later date.

You also get BONUSES for signing up:

  1. Several resource guides to help you further with specific Instagram tips & strategies (especially for local businesses)
  2. “The Entire process of getting clients from Instagram”, and the basic “Daily & Weekly Framework of Instagram for business”.

“So what’s the investment?”

I’ve been playing around with this a lot.

Initially I launched this at $147 USD for the first 10 people, that got sold out almost immediately. And they were blown away.

Then I raised the price to $247 and that got sold out to the first 25 people as well. (Each Audit takes about 3-5 hours of in-depth research for each’s business to get the custom strategy right).

But I don’t want to punish you because you got to this page later than they did, that’s not entirely your fault.

Soooo, I’m going to be doing you a solid, you can get access to this insane level of service for only $349.

That’s right for $349 we can start working together, get that questionnaire sorted out and have your custom Instagram strategy in place ready for you.

All that’s stood between you and receiving organic traffic to your IG account is about 6-7 days and knowing what to do that has been proven to work and constantly is adapted to keep up with IG’s rules.

Now… Just to be VERY DAMN CLEAR… I don’t promise 10,000 followers with x amount of time, that would be like telling you that I could get you 10,000 new email subscribers because I optimized your SEO and you’ll have them in 30 days.

The reality is some people do get those numbers but they probably have their business set up in a different way to you (or you could be that person that does get that result).

What I can guarantee is that you will see a rise in the right kind of exposure and deeper connection with your audience (which often leads to more sales) after implementing the Audit document strategies I put together for you.

For some people, they are good with just the full detailed report and video-walkthrough. Others, need more support. That’s perfectly fine. So for that reason, I split those up into two options:

Option 1 – FULL Audit: includes the Full Detailed Report with Video Walk-through, only $349 USD

Option 2 – SUPPORTED Audit: includes FULL Audit along with On-Going Audit Calls for the next 60 days, only $549 USD.

We will go over your document together on a call, and schedule 4 separate calls to audit your progress over the following 60 days. That’s 5 extra calls with me. ($400 value)

I’ve taken hundreds of clients through this style of Audit and has resulted in thousands of followers and sales for their businesses. 

With this, you are getting the best of my strategies to quickly fix your Instagram account so that you take your efforts align closer to your goals.

Remember, I’m helping you raise your profile to a higher level and gain more engagement from the right people.

Then I’m giving you over a years worth of strategy to use on your posts.

And not to mention the insane bonuses above, all starting for the ONE-TIME investment of $349 USD.

So Here’s How You Get Started

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page with ThriveCart where all you have to do is confirm your choice, enter your regular details and complete your investment.

Once you’ve done that – you’ll be sent a questionnaire before we start putting together your strategy.

Essentially we’ll go through everything like I said above.

Now the price will be going up every 10 people so make sure you book in your spot today.

I will do everything within my power to ensure we get the right setup and strategy for you to truly capitalize on your niche.

This starts with you though – you need to make sure that questionnaire has all the relevant details.

Yes you can groan but this is your IG following and I want you to have the best experience and results.

Please do not buy this hoping it will result in an overnight success on it’s own – you must take action on the advice. If you need a push, I will coach you through it in the support calls. 

FAQ: Still on the fence? You might be thinking….

“Does the size of my account matter when I start?”

No. No matter the size of your account, you can get this going. For example:

A personal trainer I worked with in California was posting selfie videos with barely 100 followers. We changed his strategy around to him showing his clients and to promote his bootcamp instead. In the following week, he signed up 6 clients to come to his local bootcamp through instagram alone. This was after only 1 week. 

“What if I am a Social Media Manager at a company? Is this a good idea?”

See how I’ve helped Brennan below with one of her client’s accounts through my Audit.

“Do you take control of my account? “

No. I only review what’s publicly available and what you provide me in the form on Phase 2. From there, I go through my Instagram 27-Point Checklist to see where you stand on each of those and how you can improve them.

When we jump on a call afterwards (for SUPPORTED AUDITS), it’s to help you implement them as easily as possible. I do not do any actions on your account whatsoever in this service.

If you’d like my recommendations DONE FOR YOU, then we can discuss that on a call afterwards.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Click the order button, go to my payment cart via ThriveCart, confirm your choice and enter your regular details to complete your investment today.

Once you’ve done this, I’ll get in touch and we can get started.

(Yes, you’ll also get the bonuses at this point as well).

​See you on the other side,

Leon Benjamin


The Audit includes a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

The guarantee is dead simple. What I’ll do is, if I look at your account and it turns out it’s something I cannot work with, or will not work with, I’ll happily refund you. And if I believe that I cannot help your business or marketing grow in any way shape or form, then I will happily refund the money to you, no questions asked.


If you are still unsure if this Audit is right for you, then you can always get a less intense TURBO AUDIT,

OR schedule a 10 minute chat with me to look over your situation together and get my recommendation.