Would you like to know how 37 fitpros managed to add between 1780 and 2092 followers AND gained consistently 3.2 clients EVERY week with FREE Instagram traffic and NO 'dangerous' account banning automation software?

To decide if this is right for you or not, let me ask four questions:

  • Do you sit in bed at the end of the day tired and frustrated that all your hard work on instagram ends up equaling ZERO sales and minimal engagement?
  • Do you spend hours creating epic pictures, amazing content only to get crickets on your post?
  • HATE 'spam bots' and would LOVE to have actual REAL people (with money ready to invest in YOUR services) actively commenting and interacting on your posts?
  • Continually crushed and confused on how to turn followers into fans into raving customers?!?

Hi, I'm Leon Benjamin and I've worked with hundreds of Instagram accounts over the last four years. I've grown over 100k followers for my client accounts and I've helped create hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct results from my Instagram strategies & methods.

What did my help result in?

In essence, I've coached clients to communicate clearer and improve the quality of their Instagram traffic. This resulted in:

  • Multiplied exposure to people that actually cared for their content,
  • More opt-ins for their FREE offers,
  • Multiplied clientele and bottom line to their Instagram presence
  • As well as, getting sponsorship deals from big brands

What clients say about my work:

Justin Devonshire from Fitness Business Blueprint, on his recently created local Bootcamp in Cyprus


Amanda Dexter who runs @wolf.girl.mtb and other IG accounts for brands

Peter Soon from @petersoonfit who is currently at around 64k followers (Started with less than 800 followers)

The quickest way to work with me directly is
Getting a Profile Diagnostic

Here's how they work:

Phase 1: Your Goals and Intentions

This is where I’ll ask you a series of questions so that I know which account to dig into, where you are right now, what are your intentions, what are the actions you’ve taken that can’t be seen publicly and any additional information you'd like to share with me.

This allows us to be clear on what you your goals and for me to provide you strategic options to reach them  --- instead of me giving you a cookie-cutter Instagram strategy that will not serve you.

Phase 2: Analyze your Account through my Insta 27-Point Checklist

Here, I'll be reviewing your account inside and out - taking the points you've provided into consideration.

Mainly, I'll be going through my 27-Point Checklist to help you uncover the areas you might not have known about so you maximize and sort your Instagram out. Here's where you get advice that’s tailored to your current profile, captions, hashtags, content and engagement.

I've taken hundreds of clients through this and has resulted in thousands of followers and leads for their business.

You'll get this in a written document that allows you to go through it step by step and feel relief that all those aspects are looked after for you. You’ll receive suggested changes.

*Typically this is completed within 7-10 days of receiving your intentions from Phase 1.

Phase 3: 1-1 Call to Cover Questions Together

We look at your report together and you get to ask me further questions to clarify everything we can for you. We can go over your report or get straight to the point in what's in the way and I guide you to take action in the quickest way possible. 

(often, this 30 minute call is worth the investment in itself)

Curt Ligot from Roundbox Fitness

As a BONUS for signing up:

  • Additional Resources to help you further with Instagram: The Entire process of getting clients from Instagram, and the basic Daily & Weekly Framework of Instagram for business.

"So what's the investment?"

Only $379. It is just out of reach of people whom I don't want to work with, the people that will actually be more of a hassle for me to work with than I really thought of. Whilst simultaneously putting a $379 price tag is just within the reach of my favorite clients as a way for you to test the waters with me and really understand that I know what i'm doing, without you investing $1,000 right up front.

The reason I'm only charging $379 is because you've only just met me and its a great way for me to show you how to get the most value possible - even if we choose to not work together moving forward. 

With this, you are getting the best of my strategies to quickly fix your Instagram accounts so that you take your business closer to your goals.

So Here's How You Get Started

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page with ThriveCart where all you have to do is confirm your choice, enter your regular details and complete your investment.

Once you’ve done that - you’ll be sent a questionnaire I need you to fill out before we start putting together your strategy.

FAQ: Still on the fence? You might be thinking....

"Does the size of my account matter when I start?"
No. No matter the size of your account, you can get this going. For example:

One personal trainer I worked with in California was posting selfie videos with barely 100 followers. We changed his strategy around to him showing his clients and to promote his bootcamp instead. In the following week, he signed up 6 clients to come to his local bootcamp through instagram alone.

"What if I am a Social Media Manager at a company? Is this a good idea?"

In short, yes. Why? See how I've helped Brennan below with one of her client's accounts:


"Do you take control of my account? "

No. I only review what's publicly available and what you provide me in the form on Phase 2. From there, I go through my Insta 27-Point Checklist to see where you stand on each of those and how you can improve them. When we jump on a call afterwards, its to help you implement them as easily as possible. I do not do any actions on your account whatsoever in this service. (if you'd like my recommendations COMPLETED FOR YOU, then we can discuss that on a call afterwards or request my Service Packages Packet)

So what’re You Waiting For?

Click the order button, go to my payment cart via ThriveCart, confirm your choice and enter your regular details to complete your investment today.

Once you’ve done this, I’ll get in touch and we can get started.

(Yes you’ll also get the bonuses at this point as well).

Best of luck,


The guarantee's dead simple. What I'll do is, if I look at your account and it turns out it's something I cannot work with, or will not work with, I'll happily refund you. And if I believe that I cannot help your business grow in any way shape or form, then I will happily refund the money to you, no questions asked.