The Top Three Things Business Owners Should Do to Get More Valuable Leads On Instagram – Part One

Top three things to get more leads on Instagram

Have you ever wondered why so many business owners on Instagram struggle to get more leads?

One of my clients Lisa used to wonder the same until we helped her find out the right answers. Lisa had a fitness product and she was using Clickbank to sell it online. But she needed more eyeballs on it. She had an Instagram account but she needed more exposure to get more people on her page.

She wanted to triple her current audience to reach likeminded individuals but she was so busy with creating her classes and programmes she just couldn’t keep up with it all. So she needed another entity to take care of it for her. She got on the phone with me and told me how she was hiring agencies, hiring marketing experts to take care of her social media but getting poor results. All they did was follow and unfollow people. She had followers that weren’t genuine and who were just spam. She had an account full of spam going to her page!

Lisa was wasting her money and bringing the value of her page down. She wanted something more reliable and steady as she was on the brink of giving up the Instagram platform altogether. But after we started to work together, Lisa discovered the top three things that got her results and gave her hope to stay on Instagram!

Tip #1
What Not To Do! Big Audiences VS Valuable Audiences!
The first tip is to not just follow and unfollow people. Yes it will grow your audience but not necessarily with people who’ll buy your stuff. It will damage your brand’s look by having so many followers with little engagement.

This builds an expectation with people who follow you. They’re going to see that you’ve got a large audience. People are going to expect more engagement on your page because you’ve got so many followers. Some people may get turned off they don’t see much audience engagement. Having a large un-engaging audience isn’t a good thing. Don’t aim for having loads of followers. It’s more about quality. If your goal is to get more leads then you can do plenty of other things, which we’ll cover in part #2 of this series.

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