The Top Three Things Business Owners Should Do to Get More Valuable Leads On Instagram – Part Two

Top three things to get more leads on Instagram part two

Welcome back to part two of this mini series on building a valuable audience on Instagram and converting it to business leads. In part one we talked about what not to do. We talked about how important it is to engage with your audience. If you missed part one, you can catch up here:

Why business owners struggle to get valuable leads on Instagram and the top 3 tips on what you should be doing! Part #1

Ok so let’s get straight back into it:

Tip #2

Finding your audience!

It’s important that you look for your potential audiences.

Find audiences that resemble yours. They’re more likely to do business with you.

They’re people who already have an interest in what you have to sell so they’re a better market to aim for than just anybody on Instagram. There’s hundreds of pages with your audience on Instagram right now. Instagram is huge!

Tip #3

Add a call to action to your posts

It’s important to add a “call to action” on your posts because you’re giving your followers guidance for the next step to take. That’s why you put out a piece of content. It’s to guide people in the direction you want them to take. Within your content you can tell them to:

  • Engage with the post
  • Take the next step into enrolling on your programme
  • Join your social media community 
  • Download a free pdf that shows how to take the proper steps for xyz
  • Buy your product

The main reason people struggle getting views on their content on Instagram is because they’re spreading themselves too thin. They don’t follow the three tips i’ve talked about and instead they’re:

  • Following and unfollowing
  • Hurting their brand
  • Not looking for the right audiences
  • Not adding call to actions on the posts

As soon as they stop doing these things and start following the three tips outlined above, you’re going to get better engagement with your audience. You’re going to get more people opting in for your products and services.

You’ll also be more at ease with using Instagram because you’ll know what your goals are and understand the process to build a valuable audience.

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