4,000 followers within 10 days (a horror story)

Someone approached me yesterday saying that their engagement rate plummeted on his IG page…

And he needed some help

I took a look at his account. And I noticed he’s at 10k followers now. And getting less than 100 views on his videos.

I was curious and asked how he got to his 10k…

He said that he paid this PR agency that brought him 4,000 followers within 10 days

and a bunch of comments coming from little kids..


And now. his page doesn’t get more than 150 likes and 100 views.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Yet he has that precious 10,000 followers, you might think

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows out there.

How do social media businesses delivering shit like this?

Why would they knowingly deliver crap to clients?

And this stuff is not cheap!

It cost him more than 5 times what I charge for this type of service.

AND it sucked.

This grinds my gears..

Regardless, now my friend has two solutions to go from here. I’m working it out with him.

But for you reading this,

There IS no fucking shortcut on instagram apart from hard work to grow it.

If you get absorbed by the numbers… then it’s likely youll call for people like me to come clean up the mess

And its a nasty mess..

It can be fixed, yes.

But it will slow your progress and momentum

🔺 Do yourself a favor and keep going forward, without buying into the hype of growing SUPER fast.

🔺 Get at a good rate of posting and replying

🔺 Focus on your ENGAGEMENT more than followers

And you will grow

I swear. I promise.

My Fan Building services that I offer deliver slower growth for a reason..

They try to keep up with your ENGAGEMENT while your followers grow too

If you grow too fast… You get sucked into that black hole of inescapable low engagement.

(Like i talked about on a previous post)

It becomes EXTREMELY difficult to bring engagement up again.

Because your followers don’t give a shit about your content…

So they’re not engaging with your posts.

So why would instagram promote your post to more people?

Youre stuck.. And this is when your reach and impressions skydive. Instagram sees that your post isn’t validated by your followers…


You’re on my friends list.

I make it a responsibility for me to set you on the best path I know.

From working with celebrities in certain niches, to small accounts makings tens of thousands of dollars..

🔺 Your engagement with your followers is the key 🔺

You can’t outsource that.
No matter what other marketers will try to sell you.

Speak soon,



 🖅 PS:

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