4 Tips on Locating Your Ideal Clients

If youre posting and showing up but NOT seeing any real interest from people..

It might be because you’re attracting the wrong crowd.

Or maybe because you are not even sure WHO is the right person to work with you..

I’ve been there.. And thats one of the reasons why I am starting to focus on working more with fitness professionals now.

But anyway, once i started narrowing that down, speaking to them became way easier because I knew where they hung out.

Here’s the 4 tips for locating YOUR ideal clients on Instagram:

  1. Define Your Market and Client

Don’t just say “everyone who’s into fitness”. But rather, women who just got married who want to maintain their physique between 28-34.

Thats an example. I could also say, single moms who are too busy to go to the gym and want to shed off excess weight.

Those are two completely different clients with different needs. One might need short and quick home workouts, and the other might want to get online cardio and glute exercises that she can do in a gym.

(I don’t know exactly lol, I’m not a professional.)

But the point is to define who you actually want to work with, and if youre going to work with them online or locally.

And we can move on to the next tip.

2. Brands / Influencers / Bloggers

Find brands, influencers and bloggers who might potentially have them already.

These accounts should have already communicated with them and involved themselves with the lives of your potential clients.

This makes it easier for you to reach out to your ideal clients.

Some of these accounts – if they did it right – should have already accumulated thousands of them for you.

3. What about accounts with Fake or Inactive followers..

Watch out, some of those accounts above, might not have grown ethically.

So you might see low engagement on their posts. While they have thousands of followers, a percentage of them follow them only because of their name but never interact.

What you want is an account thats actively posting with engaged followers.

If you go with a brand that has fake followers, it will be likely that you wont get much engagement back from them.

4. Hashtags for brands vs. hashtags for users

Typically, brands use hashtags that other brands might use. So they end up attracting their competitors an a broad audience.

But what would be more useful, is using the hashtags that actual clients use in their posts.

They are a bit more specific and often times, smaller than the big ones.

So, knowing the difference is the start, but dont get too caught up with using strictly the hashtags that other brands use.

There you have it.

If these tips have been useful, let me know and start applying them to locate your ideal clients.