3 Tips To Get You More Follows And Better Engagement on Instagram

Hey there, Leon here and today I’m going to talk about how Instagram automation works. Ever wonder how some Instagram pages manage to optimize their content  so well? And I bet you wouldn’t even realize some pages automate a lot of their stuff too…

Some pages do it badly and you can tell almost right away when you receive a comment that has nothing to do with your picture. I’ll give you an example. This week I shared a post. It was one of my friends who passed away and the guy got a really annoying comment from someone that had nothing to do with the picture.

It really grinded my gears.

It really upset me to see a comment like that. It’s so aggravating to see and I want to share some tips that will cool down the automation path on Instagram. It’s a risky thing to do because you can quite easily get your account shut down if you do it improperly.


Automating anything on Instagram is risky for your account.


You’ve got to be careful and I noticed there’s lots of people who are doing it anyway because there’s always ways around it. Let me show you…


When I first started using Instagram, I got lots of followers quickly without automation. I started my first business page on Instagram. It was about beard oil. I looked up a certain hashtag and then started ‘liking’ all kinds of photos for around an half and a hour at a time.


I’d get almost fifty followers a day that way. I was getting good result and great. I was commenting on other people’s pictures which was all manual. Nothing automated yet. Then I got tired of it.


After about a month, I had about a thousand followers and it felt good. It felt like it was an achievement and I thought to myself, “this can be improved and there must be a way to ‘like’ without me physically having to do it.


I was reading newsletters about Gary Halbert who’s a legend in copywriting and marketing and he was talking about the concept of lists and where lists have certain types of users. So I took that idea and thought, “what are the lists on Instagram?” All that information is free on Instagram. You can go on someone else’s page and see all the followers they have.


Now the question becomes how would I use those lists and automate the process?


To automate the process, I had to look for software. Whilst I was searching for this magical software, I learned how some people have used automation just like that before and got their accounts banned. Why?  Because it’s against the rules on Instagram and they weren’t being cautious enough.


So I found the software that did that and then I stuck with ‘liking’ images. I learned if you left comments that were too inappropriate and felt automated, you’d be at a much higher risk because users could tell straightaway that your comment didn’t match their image.


Let’s say you’re automating a comment and you want it to be attached to a certain hashtag. So you go ahead, leave a comment and hashtag the image. But there’s a problem…They dont match. Like I said, the user can spot this a mile off and flag you right then and there.


You’ll get a warning placed on your account and you could then be banned at any point (without being notified). Can you see how it’s super risky?


I’ve got some tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


Tip One : Don’t Automate Your Comments

That’s one of the riskiest things you could do.


Tip Two:  Stick With ‘Liking

Liking photos is the maximum automation that I’d do on Instagram. If you stick with liking, you’re way better off than going down the comments automation road. When you do the liking, it’s the least threatening thing you could to someone. Let’s be honest, no one hates being liked right? …Unless you’re a weird person!


Tip Three: Post Better Images

One of the things I’ve learned from other accounts that use automation is they just have really good content. They don’t go aggressive on their automation, they don’t ‘like’ two thousand photos a day. Some accounts automate to a certain point and then stop You don’t need to automate your entire business.


As soon as you start following and implementing these three tips, your Instagram account is going to be in a much safer position. And as a result, you’re going to get better engagement and more follows because you’re posting up good content. You’re not just trying to get people on your page.


Think about quality followers and not quantity.  


That’s all for now,


Leon Benjamin

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