Low-Hanging Instagram Fruits to Pluck

So you’re on Instagram and you’re using it for marketing.


Let me give you a quick checklist so you get more leads OFF Instagram, and into YOUR funnel:

✅ Do you have a Landing page in your post?

One neat thing to do is “check” into your website.

This will place the link nicely under the post.

Remember: sometimes your goal is NOT to get them off instagram, but rather to get them engaged.

✅ Do you offer a lead magnet in your bio?

Your bio is another piece of “marketing real-estate” where you can lead visitors to the next step in the process.

They’ve already become aware of you and now are looking to seek more information.

In this stage they will look at your bio.


Remember the principle: At every stage of your funnel, remind yourself where your lead is at in their head.

Place yourself in their shoes.

✅ Do you RESPOND to fans?

This is HUGE. Do it yourself or get someone to simply RESPOND to your fans.


Document how to do this.

Have a bit of a system to it.

Your goal is to get every fan to the NEXT step in the process.
The next step in the funnel.


Trust + Value.

Build a bit of trust; you already do this simply by INTERACTING.
Giving value (in the form of a principle) also builds TRUST because you gave great value on the spot.

Offer value; the next step in the process always has some VALUE for the lead.
So make sure that the golden nugget you show them is actually something they want in the stage they’re at.

What stages? For example: Awareness, information seeking, seeking to implement.


Those were some quick low hanging fruits.

✓ Landing Page URL in your posts
✓ Lead Magnet in your bio
✓ RESPOND & Interact with fans

Go get ’em Tribe Leader.


How to get more Leads from Instagram

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